My price includes a portrait sitting at my Wellington home studio, final editing of the photos together to ensure you get the photos you love, beautifully printed, matt, black + white (or colour) prints and their low resolution images. There is never any pressure to purchase more than the package you have signed up for - and there are no hidden extras - which is just one of the reasons why so many of my clients come back again and again!
One child or family group photo $450 (includes $200 of photos eg. sixteen 6x4s or eight 7x5s)
Two children $650 (includes $400 photographs)
Two children and a family group photo $850 (includes $600 photographs)

Photo prices are as follows - 6x4" - $12.50, 7x5" - $25, 6x9" - $37.50, 8x12" - $50 etc
Enlargements and further prints can be ordered.
The above prices are a guide as I can shoot less depending on the age of your child/ren. I'm available week days and weekends and find that mid-morning photo-sessions suit most families, but I can do other times. Sittings are very relaxed and can take as much time as we need with breaks for coffee, feeding baby etc.


I offer a photo-block service - my photographs look great made into photo-blocks. I also offer framing on request.

Coffee Groups
Why not share the cost of a $250 sitting fee with a group of friends? Prints, enlargements and photo-blocks can then be purchased separately - great for Christmas time with family presents in mind!

I also run Special Sittings, four weekends a year - Family February, Mother's day, - "me and my mum", Father's day - "me and my dad" and Christmas (great for cards and gifts). The offer usually includes a half hour sitting and your favourite image made into a large photo-block - many of my clients use these for catch up photos when they don't want to do the full family sitting!